Ticket Designs + Flyers For YOUR EVENT

by Sarah Owusu - Mar 19, 2019


Ticket Design + Matching Motion/Animated Poster GIG! 


1. The Ticket Design(s) Will Be Given To You In JPG Form And Will Be Print Ready.
 If you chose a multiple ticket design package (two or more ticket designs) each ticket will keep the same theme that you chose for them and each ticket will have different styles so that you can have a fair variety, and the motion poster will be designed to fit each theme of the tickets! 

2. The  Electronic Motion/Animated Poster Will Be Given To You In MP4 form, (The motion poster will be no longer than 20secs ) I decided to do the Motion/Animated Poster In MP4 instead of GIF since it's accepted more on multiple platforms. 
( NOTE: But if you would like the Motion/Animated Poster to be in gif format or JPG format (still photo) please state that when the requirement questions come when ordering, there will be an 'anything else?' box and you can type that you want GIF or JPG format instead and I will do that for you ! (at no extra charge, don't worry x ) !  

And If you have any concerns/questions about anything, please message/contact me!
You are also granted commercial use!




Shop Link: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/80af1c577a



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