Right Freelancer IT Academy

Right Freelancer IT Academy has been providing services through physical classes since 2017.

Right Freelancer Private Limited (SECP) is approved by the Government of Pakistan

   We don’t teach and do the work of a turning market.

right Freelancer IT Academy has been providing services through physical classes since 2017. For the past 6 years, thousands of male and female students have taken courses. Certified students from the institution are serving in government and non-government institutions.

  From 1st August 2019 we also started online classes and thousands of people from all over Pakistan joined our online system.

  We have launched a one month online courses program called Package Course. Alhamdulillah, which continues successfully

  Detail of One Month Package Course 👇

All these courses are included in the package course

  1. MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

  2. Graphics Designing (Inpage, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator)

  3. Video Editing (YouTube & Facebook Video Editing, Commercial Video Ads and Earning)


Online classes are held on the Zoom app. A link to the online class is sent to the group at class time. The video recording of the online class is also uploaded to the group after the online class is over. So that where the internet speed is low, people can download and watch the lecture.

For those who have no experience of attending online classes, don’t worry. We will give you complete training before the online classes start.

  Package Course Duration

  The duration of the package course is only one month.

There will be a daily 30 minute MS Office class

There will be a 30-minute graphics designing class per day and

Likewise, there will be a 30-minute video editing class per day.

In this arrangement the courses will be completed in just one month

After just one month of joining the package course, you will be issued a 6-month certificate TCS on completion of the courses.


If you want to earn money online through freelancing in future, these courses will give you full support

Online classes of new batch of package course will start on 1st August (2023) at 9:00 PM. God willing.

  All the courses in the package (Computer Operating, MS Office, Graphics Designing and Video Editing) are totally fee free.

  The last date for registration is July 29 at 4 PM.

  How to register

  Entries in each group are limited. If you are interested, join our Facebook group soon. At the same time you will be added to the online group and you will be online with us on August 1st at 9 pm. God willing

Facebook link


WhatsApp group link


For information you can also call this number during the day from 10 am to 3 pm



Apart from exams, common fresh students as well as teachers, entrepreneurs, bankers, people working on computers in offices, common female fresh students as well as job holders and educated housewives, people related to religious teaching and teaching, all. People can improve their future by joining our online system


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