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Terms of Service

In order to join the Right Freelancer network you must agree to the following Terms of Service. These may include the various agreements: Our privacy policy, cookie policy and the Right Freelancer Membership Policy and the Right Freelancer Payroll Agreement. All contract terms will be binding under these terms and they must be agreed to in order to make use of the huge online job marketplace that Right Freelancers has to offer. Useful Terms and what they entail throughout the course of this site:

“Client” means any authorized User utilizing the Site to seek and/or obtain Freelancer Services from another User.

“Freelancer” means any authorized User utilizing the Site to advertise and/or provide Freelance Services to Clients, including Freelancer Accounts that are Agency Accounts or, if applicable, Agency Members.

“Freelancer Services”

means any services provided by Freelancers.
  • Freelancers must acknowledge that the site has made all necessary efforts to ensure that no fraudulent activity takes place on the platform. All Employers are highly esteemed, they match necessary credentials and are therefore allowed to hire freelancers from the cohort available.
  • Employers must acknowledge that all freelancers on the platforms have been verified and are legal participants in this well regulated and fair job marketplace.
  • There are no geographical bounds that restrict the people looking to work online at the site.
  • Any information provided will be rightfully used, no breach of privacy will occur as mentioned in the comprehensive privacy policy.
  • All user profiles are tested for competence, however, we strongly condemn nepotism.
  • All freelancers are shown to the employers fairly, regardless of the package they use. The package does not affect the visibility or selection rate of jobseekers.
  • Freelancers are also urged to discuss all terms of contract with their employers before a freelancing job or project is finalized.
  • Employers are also urged to decide all terms of the contract, the nature of the job and their requirements must be very clear from the very get-go of the deal.
  • Working from home should not mean a compromise on quality is made, we expect both parties to uphold the spirit of online jobs and do right by the Right Freelance Platform.
  • Each package allows users to apply for a different number of online jobs, you may not exceed that number of job applications in a month, unless you upgrade or choose to wait until the next month begins.
  • Similarly, various employers may post various jobs at once, however, there is a limit for each package and depending on the selected package the number renews each month.
  • Employers issuing jobs on the platform must agree to Escrow services and promise to live up to the terms of the contract.
  • The site prohibited to advertise any illicit activity, indecent jobs or to engage in any defamatory, vulgar, profane or shaming activity.
  • Earnings are taxed according to the freelancer’s country of operation, banking and legislative requirements. Right Freelancer is not responsible for the taxes of the freelancers, it however, fulfills all tax and legal obligations on itself in terms of its own earnings.
  • The subscription charges that Right Freelancers take are actually its rightful earning in terms of the provision of service.
  • Jobs regarding the creation and distribution of fake news, hoax news or lies is strictly prohibited.
  • All users must uphold the right to the protection of intellectual property of the creators, developers and owners. This means all patent rights, copyright rights, mask work rights, moral rights, rights of publicity, trademark, trade dress and service mark rights, goodwill, trade secret rights and other intellectual property rights current, and the ones that may show up in future along with all applications of these rights and ideas are therefore and registrations, renewals and extensions thereof, under the laws of any state, country, territory or other jurisdiction protected and safeguarded from replication, deceit and infringement.
  • The work produced by the freelancer is the intellectual property of the client once handed in and the job has been accepted, given that the client is both able and willing to pay for the work at the time of agreement or job finalization.
  • The site also does not represent or hold the views of the advertisers, the advertised content is primarily the product of the advertiser, we only allow screen space and do not wish to extend their point of view or agenda in any way.
  • Bribery is also not allowed in any means, party found guilty will be dismissed and revealed right away.
  • Downgrading a membership during the month will not result in a refund of the difference in the amount. The new amount will be however charged, from the next month.