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Canada Oil and Gas Solution Company Kempt Head Road Kempt Head, NS, B2X 4R9 Canada. Sir / Madam, Our Canada Oil and Gas Solution Company is seeking highly motivated and qualified individuals from the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, South America and Asia with the passion to contribute or provide excellent service in the North America Zone. The job opportunities require highly skilled individuals with reasonable experience and competence to work in Canada Oil and Gas installations as well as facilities. Immigrants all over the world move to the Canada / US for a desirable standard of living with high earnings and better career growth opportunities. Irrespective of the skill-sets and the occupation they have work experience in; Canada/ US offers attractive pay scales to lead a stable life in the country. Our average hourly wage is between $28.08 and $37.69 per hour. All registered agents and interested candidates should kindly send their CV/Resumes to canadaoilgassolution@zohomail.com Regards, Dr. Evans Murray Human Resource Manager Canada Oil and Gas Solution Company